Smash Team

Computational Engineering
Engineering Nuclear & Conventional PowerPlants
Service Unit Material Testing & Inspection


It is decided by the companies TECHSPEC, Damen Gears & DEKRA with respect to the qualified specific experience of the primary activities within their organisations to introduce a multidisciplinar ” SMASH TEAM ” to support the exploitation of Electrical Powerplants
in the cases of a sudden finding of cracks in mechanical components.

Essential target of this support will be an effective planning to introduce a most economical and safe continuation of the exploitation as soon as possible.
The plannning will be grounded on the dammage-finding, history of exploitation and the demands of management and licensing procedurees.


SMASH Team : organisation and effectiveness.

Introduced by the German movement with respect to the legalisation of strict priority to the distribution of ” Green Energy ” (wind, solarpower eg, all stogastic deliverance), together with the strong subsidizing of this kind of generation, the part of “deliverance of electricity on demand” will be relatively deminishing.
Consequence of this changement will be a deminishing of the assurance of the support of the continuation gridfunction leading to ” Uncertainty of Delivery of Electricity “.

The, in the case of loss of generation, introduction of electricity on demand by using ” Stand by Installations ” (such as small gas turbine units, batteries, flywheels etc) will be necessary.

It may be confirmed that in this cases the loss of conventional and nuclear powerplants in operation will have considerable effect on the economical development of the cost of electricity.

The conclusion of this development will be that the support of a ” SMASH Team ” with the drive to diminish the losses ( time, size etc) will be of great economical importance.

Based on the facts mentioned before the so called “SMASH Team ” is organised tot act on direct request of the Plant Management :

  1. Determination of the dammage and consequences wrt operation;
  2. Investigaton to the origin of the dammage ( load, variation of P, T & dP/dT, state of the installation etc);
  3. Evaluation of the possibility of indirect dammage introducing effects like aging, chemical effects, vibration etc.
  4. Presentation of a broad outline of possible measurements:
    Short term advices ( activities, go on or stop exploitation, licensing, authorities,
    safety & risk assessment, external influences etc):

    • (temporary) repair;
    • replacement broken parts ( suppliers, in company, external contacts etc);
    • (temporary) adaptation of a change in the exploitation;

    Long term advices ( Project activity-Plan) :

    • Investigation crack initiation, propagation, dammage influence > reports status aging, risk management, economic evaluation wrt safety;
    • Project planning initiation and development for maintenance, repair and restart of the powerplant ( time, quality of the results, economical evaluation)

The First contact with the Owner of the plant will result in a short term advise what due to the independent position (wrt the OEM) of the SMASH TEAM mostly introduces a relative interesting economical traject to the management of the Powerplant.

If it seems impossible to introduce an acceptable economical solution the traject “no cure no pay” may be applied.



Crack analyse for a turbine casing to increase the inspection period of the turbine casing without impact to productivity.



Investigation whether small particles are collected in the narrow corners of a heatexchanger. To reduce this phenomenon a skirt are placed in input side of the flow.



Modification of the routing of the piping to improve the life cycle.



Cracks in a burner duct of an electrical power station. Configuratie of the ducting modified. The result is larger number of cycles n=300 naar n=800. The assumed time is